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How long I will receive Premium Keys/Coupons?

 - Most orders are completed immediately. It means that you will received Premium Keys/Coupons after completing payment.

A few exceptions (File host does not support API or or upgrade your account manually ): The order will be completed 3 mins - 3 hours after purchase success. Hope you are patient at this time. Because we have to work manually in this case
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How to activate Premium Keys/Coupons?

It's never been so easy. Please refer to our guide here:  CLICK HERE

Do you have any Promo Codes and Coupon Codes?

Browse all the current PremiumKeyStore.Compromo codes, coupon codes & deals to save on premium keys / coupons here:  Filesharing Promotions & Promotion Codes


How to contact us!

Many of our most asked questions are answered through our BLOG . If you haven't found what you are looking for, or you are just looking for a more personal touch, you can contact us via Email or LiveChat. Email:

Our live chat messaging service is available on Facebook. Live chat allows you to use messaging to contact our Customer Care team, who are always happy to help!

Who we are?

PremiumKeyStore.Com  is a new product of our enthusiasm. Website has been focused on reselling premium key/voucher/coupon for file-sharing services aiming to be one of the major agents in the world with the superiority of technology, fast and safety.. We bring to you the simplest & fastest way to upgrade your account via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Amazon Payments, Bitcoin, Altcoins...

PremiumKeyStore.Com is the most popular Filesharing Reseller, delivering fantastic service and low prices across a wide range of Premium Keys / Coupons. As authorized resellers our customers are always served with "Genuine Keys / Coupons" without delay. Understand that your time is gold, so fast delivery is important feature which we provide.

We’ve served more than 10,000 customers of which approximately 90% reorder again regularly. We have many experience in selling digital products and are aware of ever changing needs of our customers, we are one step ahead and always on our toes to serve our customers demand.

PremiumKeyStore.Com guarantees complete confidentiality. We are using 256-bit encryption in SSL secure on all page and 1-click checkout to make our customer feels comfortable. We take privacy very seriously, information collected from customer is strictly for records keeping.

Customers are welcomed to contact us on Email or Facebook Livechat. If a customer face any technical problem we do not hesitate to contact the parent company to sort it out.

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